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It’s no secret that calories from soda are often a big contributor to weight struggles, and the big pop producers are not viewed as friends in the obesity world.  Hats off to Coca Cola, who seems to finally have gotten the message that things need to change.  They have released a new advertising campaign (just in time for this weekend’s Superbowl) focussed on the promotion of their sugar-free drinks (apparently with 180 varieties available worldwide!).

While it would still be better to drink water, selecting diet sodas is still a great improvement over the calorie rich sugary pops, and a move in the direction of calorie free alternatives is a good one in terms of battling obesity and diabetes in our society.   I also like that they offer some of their bevvys in smaller portion sizes.

In the big picture, Coke’s shift in paradigm is one small change, but hopefully this will inspire other fast food and soda giants to follow suit!

Dr Sue Pedersen © 2013 

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