The University of British Columbia has come out with an excellent tool for physicians to help assess cardiovascular risk and manage cholesterol issues, which is a free app which can be downloaded here.

This is a fabulous program which has a number of highlights:

1.  Framingham risk score can be calculated with recommendations based on the 2012 Canadian Guidelines provided;

2.  Statin doses likely to be required to achieve the target LDL are suggested;

3.  There is a drug dosage chart which also shows the LDL lowering expected with all of the various cholesterol treatments at all of the available doses;

4.  Statin Adverse Effect/Intolerance support – this is my favorite part of this app – you can enter characteristics of your patient that is not tolerating their statin, and the program will summarize relevant factors to consider, as well as make suggestions for a possible management approach.

Thanks to my friend Kwene for the heads’ up on this app!

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