The first of an American chain of stigma-free, welcoming gyms exclusively for people who struggle with their weight has arrived in Canada.  Rather than focusing on cardio burn, Downsize Fitness focuses on functional fitness – helping people learn exercises to gain strength and mobility for daily activities like getting to and from work, standing up from the floor, keeping up with kids – whatever each individual needs to help them lead their best life.

There are a variety of levels of exercise programs to help people address their individual needs, and a strong sense of community that helps to support members in their journey to improve their fitness.

As discussed in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, one of the barriers to exercise cited by people who struggle with their weight is a fear of being stigmatized at traditional gyms, so it’s great to see facilities that will help to take down this particular obstacle in the weight struggle.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of these and similar facilities pop up around the country!


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