There are a lot of conflicting opinions about Dr Oz out there.  Some people feel that he is the guru of modern medicine, whereas others, including many health care professionals, are very critical of his claims.  I’m thrilled to report that researchers at the University of Alberta have put this debate to the true test of research.

In the study, which was published in the British Medical Journal, researchers analyzed 40 episodes each of The Dr Oz Show and The Doctors, and objectively analyzed medical claims made in each show.

They found that only one out of three Dr Oz recommendations had believable evidence behind it, and one out of two for The Doctors. They found that overall, insufficient information was provided for medical claims made, and therefore it was not possible for viewers to make informed decisions about what they were hearing.  Their conclusion was that recommendations taken by patients watching these shows ends up being based on trust of the TV host rather than on the actual information provided.

As quoted by one of the authors of the study on the University of Alberta website“Our bottom-line conclusion is to be skeptical of what you hear on these shows.”  Amen!

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