Last week, I had the honor of being invited as a panelist in an internationally broadcast live webinar, to share information and tips on weight management with health care providers around the world.  Along with my colleagues Dr. Sean Wharton (Canada) and Dr. Sarah Glastras (Australia), we discussed topics with over 2,500 registrants from more than 30 countries, including:

  • How do you start a weight management consultation?
  • How can you help patients optimize their success?
  • What does an obesity practice look like when running solo, vs having an allied health care team?
  • When, how, and why do we introduce and escalate therapy for weight management?

This program is SCOPE accredited (0.5 points) by the World Obesity Federation – to get these points, you just need to register to view the session here. (or just go directly to the webinar link to view it without registering).


This webinar is one of a series of six sessions on weight management. Check out the other five here – you can watch past sessions and/or sign up for upcoming sessions.  Any can be watched live, or on demand after they are recorded.  I’ll be a panelist at the June 17th session as well, entitled ‘Rethinking Success In Weight Management: What Are We Aiming For?’    Enjoy!


Disclaimer: These educational events are sponsored by Novo Nordisk.   I receive honoraria as a continuing medical education speaker and consultant from Novo Nordisk.


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