As blogged previously, people with obesity are at higher risk of having a more severe COVID-19 infection. This threat to health can come with an increase in anxiety and stress, and can have a downright negative effect on quality of life.  There is also a stigma against obesity in society and amongst health care professionals, and this may have a negative impact on people with obesity in accessing care.  Research so far has also suggested that the COVID pandemic is having a negative impact on mental health in general.

As such, my colleagues Dr Stephen Glazer (Toronto) and Dr Michael Vallis (Halifax) have constructed a survey for people living with obesity in Canada and USA.  The goal of this research is to improve care and support for people living with obesity by better understanding the psychological issues involved.  They want to hear from you!  Questions include:

  • How is COVID-19 impacting your access to medical care?
  • How are you managing your weight during the coronavirus pandemic?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted your weight management strategies?
  • What has the psychological impact of the pandemic been for you?
  • Have you experienced stigma about your weight during the pandemic?


I look very forward to seeing the results of this important research!  The more people that contribute, the better understanding we will have of these issues.


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