I was recently a presenter and panelist in another of a series of six internationally broadcast webinars on weight management.


In this webinar, with over 3000 registrants, Dr Samantha Hocking (Australia), Dr Sean Wharton (Canada), and I discuss this question:

What are we aiming for in successful treatment of obesity?


  • Keys to successful weight management conversations
  • What is a realistic weight loss expectation for a person living with obesity?
  • How can we achieve these goals in a holistic way?


Here is a little YouTube teaser (note that this is not the full session – the full session is an hour long)

This webinar is one of a series of six sessions on weight management. Check out the other five here – you can watch any or all sessions on demand, just need to sign up!


Disclaimer: These educational events are sponsored by Novo Nordisk.   I receive honoraria as a continuing medical education speaker and consultant from Novo Nordisk.


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