Obesity Canada has launched a webinar series called Connected Conversations, hosted by patient advocates Lisa Schaffer and Ian Patton.  These webinars dig into important topics surrounding obesity.  This series brings together academics, health professionals, and people living with obesity for meaningful discussions that bridge the gap between science and real-world application.


This webinar series is free and open to the public!  These webinar/vodcasts are intended for people who struggle with elevated weight, and health care professionals who support people in weight management (or just want to learn more!).


I was honored and thrilled to participate in this fabulous series!  Lisa and Ian are truly wonderful, with so much knowledge and experience to share.

In our Connected Conversation, we tackle this topic:

A New Era of Obesity Medications – What are they, how do they work, and are doctors prepared to prescribe them?

The time flew by for me, and it will for you too – you can look forward to engaging, educational, and very energetic discussions in this series!!


You can access these vodcasts for free here.

Just one click away, learn all about: 

Diet Culture and its Impact on Understanding Obesity – with Dr Michael Vallis

Innovating Obesity Care in Canada – with Dr Ali Zentner

Fighting for Care – with Dr Sharadh Sampath

Fads, Foods & Facts: How diet culture undermines obesity care (and what you can do about it ) – with Jennifer Brown, RD

The Shape of Things To Come: A Body of Work on Weight and Health – with Amber Huett- Garcia



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