The prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes are increasing hand in hand around the world.  Weight management is of great importance in treating people with type 2 diabetes who carry elevated body weight.

Recently, I authored a series of 5 continuing medical education articles, hosted by The Rounds, a collaboration network aimed at modernizing how healthcare professionals access and share information to improve global healthcare outcomes. Under the guidance of the Innovative Medicines Canada Code of Conduct, this learning activity is for healthcare professionals.


Check out my articles on The Rounds at the links below!


DAY 1. Why do we need new therapies for T2D management?


DAY 2. In people with type 2 diabetes, what HbA1c should be targeted, and how much weight loss reduction is needed to see health benefits?


DAY 3. How can we manage type 2 diabetes and elevated weight together?


DAY 4. Should weight management be a primary treatment goal in T2D?


DAY 5. Emerging pharmacotherapy for type 2 diabetes.


Disclaimer: These medical education articles for The Rounds were supported through an unrestricted grant from Eli Lilly Canada.  I received an honorarium to generate these articles. I receive honoraria as a continuing medical education speaker and consultant from Eli Lilly. 


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