Bullying and stigmatization of people with obesity happens, sadly, at all ages.  One of the most impactful things we can do is teach our children about the harms of bullying, so that this generation grows up understanding that stigmatization of any kind is hurtful and wrong.  
Today’s post is dedicated to the children’s book project, Pom Pom – A Flightless Bully Tale, by Linnie Von Sky (who has previously held the position of Director of Stakeholder Relations for the Canadian Obesity Network).  It’s about a slightly rotund penguin called Pomeroy Paulus Jr III.

Like any boy his age he’s busy trying to impress ‘the birds’, namely one bird: Pia. Pomeroy dreams of a pair of orange swim trunks; the ones that Pete, Pucker and Piper own. The same ones Pia said she loved. There’s just one little hiccup. The antAmart doesn’t carry his size. 
Stay tuned to learn how mom helps Pomeroy get his orange swim trunks, see that Macaroni penguins are not made of mac’n’cheese, and watch Pia save the day when she puts bullies in their place. 
By supporting Linnie’s publication dream, Linnie writes:
♥  You’ll help us stand up against bullies and lend your voice to someone so big that his voice has become small: Fat jokes are not funny and they hurt!
♥  You’ll allow us to produce (illustrate, edit, scan, post produce, book design & print in Canada) every part of Pom Pom – A Flightless Bully Tale 
♥ You’ll own a copy of the book you helped us publish (and maybe even your own custom antarctic character)
♥  You’ll help fund Rebecca’s 2nd year of Art School. By paying Rebecca (21) real market value for her art work we were able to fund her first year of Art School with Our Canadian Love Story (Linnie’s 1st book) without her having to bag groceries. How cool is that?
Click here to join Linnie’s campaign against fat bullying – she’s already a third of the way to her goal!
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