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As an exciting year in the obesity field comes to a close, I reflect on the incredible advancements, as well as challenges, that we have seen in 2023.

Weight management medications have been center stage this year. Halfway through the year, we held on to our hats as a flurry of data was presented and published, demostrating previously unsurpassed weight loss efficacy of medications under development.

We have so much new and emerging data on effect of weight management medications for not only weight loss, but importantly, improvement in weight related health issues, that we have to continually evaluate and reframe what treatment targets should , or should not be .

Weight management medications are becoming so effective that we now have to think about the potential for too much weight loss, and whether malnutrition could even be a potential concernMany people will not need maximum doses of these powerful medications, and we must now think of weight management medications as titrating to desired effect or target.

Word has gotten out about the impressive efficacy of weight management medications, to the point that we are now plagued by shortages of these medications .  There has also been an abundance of social and lay media commentary on potential side effects requiring clarification, in some cases context, and in some cases further investigation.

The weight management field is changing so fast that even obesity experts have completely different views of what weight management will look like 5 years from now! 

I look forward to continuing to bring you the latest in weight management in 2024 and beyond.

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A heartfelt thank you to all my readers and listeners out there, and a very Happy New Year to all!

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