I was totally blown away by the words and courage of James Corden, late night talk show host, speaking out about his colleague Bill Maher calling for ‘fat shaming’ to ‘make a comeback’. Bill argues that ‘some amount of shame is good’ and apparently thinks that shaming people with obesity is going to help them to lose weight.


Stigmatizing and shaming people with obesity is completely and utterly negative in its consequences, resulting most often in worsening the weight struggle, often with a turn to food as a comfort to deal with the emotional pain.  Obesity stigma has far from gone away – it is highly prevalent, and studies show that it is typically highest amongst family and friends of people who struggle with weight, and  amongst health care providers.  Brutal, I know.



Take a look. James’ scientific comments aren’t all 100% accurate, and I am saddened by some of the somewhat self deprecating comments he makes (sadly, it is a bit of self shaming that becomes second nature for many who struggle with their weight),  but his overall message is powerful and clear.  Way to go James!


A heartfelt thanks to my colleague Courtney for the heads’ up on this powerful segment.


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