Doing some thinking on your New Year’s health resolution?  Here’s some food for thought (so to speak)….


Check out my podcast here from a recent interview with James Cran and the CareToKnow team. 

Here are some of the (many!) topics we discussed:


  • What should my weight loss goals be?
  • How to navigate restaurant eating
  • Should we eat breakfast?
  • Why do we get ‘Hangry’ when we lose weight?
  • Does intermittent fasting work?
  • Do I HAVE to exercise to lose weight?
  • Tips for managing cravings
  • Why does weight gain so often happen in menopause?
  • How can I talk to my doctor about how to manage my weight?
  • Are calories from a cookie the same as calories from a carrot?
  • Is there such a thing as being healthy but overweight?
  • Is there an ‘ideal’ body weight?
  • Is it possible to have a food addiction?
  • Are there vitamins or supplements that are useful for managing weight?
  • News on the 2020 Canadian Obesity Guidelines
  • Is Canada’s Food Guide useful?


Enjoy!  Looking forward to sharing much more in 2020.  See you then!


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