I am humbled and excited to share that drsue.ca surpassed one million page views this week!   Patients and health care providers often ask me why I write this blog, so I though I would take this milestone opportunity to share why I do what I do.


The first reason: there is a LOT of misinformation out there.  I get it, we love to google everything, and I think most of us have googled something about our health at some point!  Sometimes we land on a great resource like the Mayo Clinic website; other times (and more often) it’s a site selling snake oil or giving advice that has no scientific merit.  This is especially true of the weight management industry.  I saw a need for more trustworthy sources of information in this arena.


Secondly, I am involved in a lot of medical education from locally here in Calgary and Canada, to international destinations like Malaysia, Europe, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia (to name a few).  What is striking is that no matter where I am, the challenges and barriers we face to giving good obesity care, and the educational gaps in the health care profession, are very similar.  So, my blogs also serve as a reference to health care providers, to help in their journey of broadening their knowledge in obesity and related health issues.


For these reasons, I decided back in 2009 that I would take it upon myself to write a weekly blog regarding weight management, diabetes, and lifestyle health.   Since drsue.ca ‘s inception, I have never missed a week!  There are well over 600 posts amongst these pages for your enjoyment.  Over a third of the 1,000,000 hits have been in the last year and a half, which tells me that there is a growing hunger (pun intended 🙂  ) for education around obesity out there, which is great.


I extend a sincere and deep gratitude to everyone around the world who has perused my blog for information and education. A very heartfelt thank you to Brian and his team for managing the tech aspects, I couldn’t do it without you! Looking forward to the next million hits – drsue.ca is here to stay, you can count on it!


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