As the year draws to a close, I reflect back and I’m reminded of all that has transpired this year, and all the important things we have learned.  In the field of weight management, we have learned more about the biology of weight, and health issues associated with elevated weight (see below).   In Canada, we have seen new guidelines published for  lipid (cholesterol) management and heart failure, and new best practices for stroke prevention.  We have seen important new medication developments for treatment of heart failure, kidney disease, and obesity.  We have of course learned much more about COVID-19.  I am deeply grateful that a year ago, I described vaccinations as a ‘bright light on the horizon’, and now we have this powerful, life-preserving tool in our armamentarium to fight this disease.


In case you missed them, here are some weight-related favorite posts from this past year, including a couple from my new in 2021 ‘Hey Google’ series.  I look forward to an exciting year of learning together in 2022!  A safe and happy holiday season to all.


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And: Stay tuned next week for a recipe you can try with your leftover turkey!


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