Although the bright light of vaccination is starting to shine on the horizon (and is a reality for some already!), we roll into 2021 deeper in the grasp of COVID-19 than ever before.  Many places around the world are under some version of lockdown, and may be for some time yet.


In the throes of this ongoing pandemic, many people continue to struggle with weight management, for reasons including emotional eating, less daily activity due to staying at home, limited budgets magnified by increasing food costs, increased alcohol consumption… the list goes on.


So, to help get started in this new year on the right foot, I collected some of my prior posts and videos, packed with tips on managing weight during the COVID pandemic.


For Better Or For Worse: Managing Weight During COVID

Dr Sue Live Video Interview On Obesity and COVID-19

Don’t Let Weight Stigma Delay Your COVID-19 Care

Dr Sue Video – Alcohol and COVID-19

Why We Need To Keep Treating Obesity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Live National Video Webinar: COVID-19 And Weight Management

Second Live National Video Webinar On Demand – COVID-19 And Weight Management


Wishing everyone a safe and brighter 2021!


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